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The Flex Photo Scan Bundle

The Flex Photo Scan Bundle

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Don't want to count your photos?

This flexible photo scanning product does not require you counting! It is for anyone with a box of photos laying around that doesn't want to take the time to count them. Send us your images, and for $40.00 we will scan the first 200. We will then send you a price estimate based on how many pictures you sent.

How it works

  1. You order and send
    After placing your order, you will receive via email a pre-addressed shipping label and instructions on safely packaging your pictures for shipping. Supply your own box and mail us your pictures affixing the address label to your box. Take to any shipping company (UPS, FedEx or USPS) and pay to ship your pictures to us.
  2. Estimate of additional cost
    You have already paid for the first 200 photos to be scanned. If your photo total exceeds that number, we will email you an estimate ($0.12 per image) and a link to pay the balance.
  3. We Scan
    Once payment is received we will scan your remaining pictures at 600 dpi
  4. We Return
    We will ship all your pictures and the digital files on a USB Drive to you. We store a copy of your scanned files for 30 days.

$40.00 (First 200 Photos) *
$0.12 cents per image over 200

* plus return shipping $13.95 each

Quality Scanning Process (QSP) - For each picture, we will scan at 600dpi using the latest and highest quality technology. Our team, with over 30 years in the industry, will fully rotate and crop accurately each picture. Upon completion our team will individually review each digital file on screen to ensure a quality scan. We then copy all of your files onto a USB thumb drive. We also keep your files on our servers for 60 days as a courtesy backup to ensure that should you need them we can accommodate.