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1200ct Photo Scan

1200ct Photo Scan

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1200 Photos Scanned!

Do you want to keep a special set of your photos and memories safe with a super simple process? We are your solution! created this product for folks who want to have 1200* of their various photos scanned. We are confident that our amazing 600dpi high quality and over 30 years in the industry will have you so glad you did.

All packaging included. Includes USB Drive.

* If more than 1200 are received you will be sent a follow up email with payment link to cover the cost of additional scans, based on the same rate ($0.12 per photo) as the original 1200.

Be careful when packing your photos. Bent or damaged photos will not scan properly.

How it works

    1. Click "Add to Cart" and complete our simple and secure order process.
    2. After receiving your order, will send to the shipping address you provided a United States Postal Service Priority Mail Medium box. You will fill with as close to as 600 photos as possible. Use Newspaper or other packing materials to stabilize the photos in the box.
    3. Take the US Postal Service Priority Mail box full of your photos to the US Post Office and mail to:
           3737 Camino Del Rio S. STE 111
           San Diego, CA 92108.
    4. will carefully scan each picture received using our 600dpi Quality Scanning Process (learn more about our QSP below).
    5. Your original photos and a USB thumb drive containing your digitally scanned files are mailed to you, with tracking, within 30 days. This return shipping ($27.90) will be added to your purchase at checkout.

Quality Scanning Process (QSP) - For each picture, we will scan at 600dpi using the latest and highest quality technology. Our team, with over 30 years in the industry, will fully rotate and crop accurately each picture. Upon completion our team will individually review each digital file on screen to ensure a quality scan. We then copy all of your files onto a USB thumb drive. We also keep your files on our servers for 60 days as a courtesy backup to ensure that should you need them we can accommodate.

Note: All packages are shipped to you with US Postal Service Priority Mail.