Please see below for questions about our procedures and high quality photo scanning service options...

What equipment do you use?

High Quality Online Photo Scanning

With 30 years in the industry we have tested and worked with many products to scan photos. Always putting them to the test to ensure you get the best results. Currently we do our scanning with the PS50 Picture Saver Scanning System from Kodak. This features a 600dpi scan resolution and a 48-bit color depth.

What resolution do you scan at?

We scan your photos at 600dpi. This ensures the highest quality, ability to enlarge, and future-proofs your memories. Unlike the competition which only scans at 300dpi, we want you to have the best quality we can offer. Standard!

Are there any additional fees?

No! That is what is so great about USPhotoScanning.com. We take all of those annoying up-sells and paid options, as well as the shipping fees out of the equation. You pay one simple price and it INCLUDES EVERYTHING!

Can I track my order?

Yes. We provide shipment tracking information to you so you can know when your photos and files will arrive.

Is the Free Trial really free?

Free High Quality Scanning Service

To ensure you that are scanning and process is great, we offer a Free Trial of 50 photos that we will scan for free. Yes Free! However, we do ask that you pay $10.00 at the time of purchase to cover shipping your photos and CD back to you.

Can I send any photos?

We accept and will scan all photos you send that are Free-and-Unencumbered. Due to the box sizes, we accommodate a maximum of 4x6 for the Small, and 8x10 for the Medium and Large.

What does Free-And-Unencumbered mean?

Photos must not be in photo albums, have frames or in photo-corners. They must not be torn or damaged, as this may cause them to get stuck in our scanner.

How many photos can I send?

We offer 3 different photo scan box options (Small, Medium and Large). When you receive the box in the mail you can fill it with as many as you can put in there. We have found that at most, the sizes hold up to 300, 600, 1200 respectably. However, these numbers are merely an estimate, as your results will differ based on the size of your photos, and how you arrange them. Do not bend your photos to include more. This will damage your picture and not be able to be scanned.

What services do you include when you scan?

With each scan we fully rotate to orient in the correct direction, and de-skew, where we make sure if anything is off slightly in the image that the final scan is correct. We also crop off any white-space or borders so your image is full-bleed. Finally we perform post-scan image sharpening if needed. At the end of the project, our technician goes through each digital file on the computer to ensure quality is top-notch before copying the files to your USB thumb-drive.