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Video to Digital, DVD & USB

Video to Digital, DVD & USB

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(Prices include return shipping!)

Video to a DVD and a USB drive.

  • Cart price includes return shipping
  • Includes USB drive and DVD for each tape!
  • Per tape Up to 2 hours**

How it works

You will package and send your tapes via UPS, FedEX or U.S. Postal service. Your Choice. You are responsible for packaging. ALL ORIGINAL TAPES WILL BE RETURNED with your DVD's and USB drive. After 33 years of converting, coping and transferring video cassettes we've got it down. Baking, Restoration and Repair Services Available (if needed we will contact you).

Once your tapes arrive we will convert them using professional gear. We will return a digital file of each tape. You will also receive an archival DVD. What your purchasing is up to 2 hours of video tape converted to an mp4 digital file, saved to a usb drive + an archival quality DVD.  ALL ORIGINAL TAPES WILL BE RETURNED. We will keep a copy of your digital files for 30 days after return shipping. Your video tape is converted to an mp4 file on a usb drive suited for editing, viewing or uploading and an archival DVD $19.99 (includes free return shipping) for up to 2 hours per tape;
**We prorate tapes over 2 hours at $6.25 per 1/2 hour**

No combining of tapes. Each file & disc will be named. If there is a label on the tape we will do our best to decipher your writing and print on the Disc naming the file as well. IE Tape label "Our trip to Grandma 1995" file name Our trip to Grandma 1995, Printed Disc Face Our trip to Grandma 1995. If the tape is unnamed (no Label) we will assign it a number. Untitled #1 and so on. The printing is free, subjective labeling and naming. All files can be renamed. Disc can be written on with a sharpie No Ball Point Pens on DVD's
Any questions email or call 619 220-8500


  • If you have 7 tapes choose the 5 tape special and add 2 single tapes.
  • Extra drives available for $15.00. Extra DVD's for $8.00 email us for this service after your order has been placed.

*** Each tape up to 2 hours gets its own mp4 file and archival DVD. We prorate tapes over 2 hrs at $6.25 per 1/2 hour increments ***

Call for these other Video and Audio tape formats.

We support all tape formats from 1/4" cassettes to 3/4"Umatic, Umatic SP, EIAJ, Betamax, Beta, Beta sp, Digi Beta, Digi Beta SX, DVC Pro, DV Cam, 1" and  2"AD (1960)

No copy written movies or material. NO Adult X rated Material. These will be returned without a refund. By purchasing this service you agree to this aspect of the service Don't even mail them!